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With a new bonus chapter From the star of the much-loved television shows Gilmore Girls and Parenthood and the author of the bestselling novel Someday, Someday, Maybe comes a collection of candid and hilarious essays. In Talking as Fast as I Can, Lauren Graham hits pause for a moment and looks back on her life, sharing stories about growing up, dating, and starting out as an actress. Some things you'll learn about Lauren- She once tried to go vegan just to bond with Ellen DeGeneres, she's aware that being set up with guys at awards shows has its pitfalls (oIf you're meeting someone for the first time after three hours of hair, makeup, and styling, you've already set the bar too higho), and she's a card-carrying REI shopper (oMy bungee cords now earn points!o). Lauren also sits down for an epic Gilmore Girls marathon and reflects on being cast as Lorelai Gilmore and how it felt to pick up the role nine years after the first series concluded. Complete with photos and excerpts from the diary Lauren kept during the filming of Gilmore Girls- A Year in the Life, this book is like a cozy night in, catching up with your best friend, laughing and swapping stories, and-of course-talking as fast as you can.
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I've got a new school bag. I put my red drink bottle and my red lunch box in my school bag. My hippopotamus is packing his school bag too. The little girl from There's a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake is starting her first day of school! She takes her hippopotamus with her and together they face those first-day-at-school experiences – meeting your teacher, eating , lunch in the playground...
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Many bakers speak of their sourdough starter as if it has a magical life of its own, so it can be intimidating to those new to the sourdough world; fortunately with Artisan Sourdough Made Simple, Emilie Raffa removes the fear and proves that baking with sourdough is easy, and can fit into even a working parent’s schedule! Any new baker is inevitably hit with question after question. Emilie has the answers. As a professionally trained chef and avid home baker, she uses her experience to guide readers through the science and art of sourdough. With step-by-step master recipe guides, readers learn how to create and care for their own starters, plus they get more than 60 unique recipes to bake a variety of loaves that suit their every need. Sample specialty recipes include Bacon, Shallot & Black Pepper Bread, Blistered Asiago Bread, Cranberry Apple Cider Bread, Overnight Cinnamon Rolls, Share n’ Tear Garlic Rolls and Fool-Proof Focaccia with Rosemary. With the continuing popularity of the whole foods movement, home cooks are returning to the ancient practice of bread baking, and sourdough is rising to the forefront. Through fermentation, sourdough bread is easier on digestion—often enough for people who are sensitive to gluten—and healthier. Artisan Sourdough Made Simple gives everyone the knowledge and confidence to join the fun, from their first rustic loaf to beyond. This book has 65 recipes and 65 photos.
Determined to stop the Earl of Angelstone from engaging her hot-headed young brother in their scheduled duel, Prudence Merryweather sneaks into the earl's home to confront him and finds herself falling in love. (Romance).
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Has Jacques Lacan’s impact on psychoanalysis really been assessed? His formulation that the Freudian unconscious is “structured like a language” is well-known, but this was only the beginning. There was then the radically new thesis of the “real unconscious”. Why this step? Searching for the Ariadne’s thread that runs throughout Lacan’s ever-evolving teaching, this book illuminates the questions implicit in each step, and sheds new light on his revisions and renewals of psychoanalytic concepts. In tracing these, Colette Soler brings out their consequences for the clinic, and in particular, for the subject, for symptoms, for affects, and for the aims of treatment itself. The last section of the book examines the political import of these developments. If many analysts since Freud have dreamt of reinventing psychoanalysis, Colette Soler shows the ways in which Lacan succeeded in this reinvention.
The importance of young children's writing in developing literacy was long neglected. In this brand-new book, written in the same familiar and joyful "I can do this in my classroom" voice that teachers loved in Kid Writing (1999), the authors show how reading, spelling, knowledge of the alphabet, and knowledge about speech sounds develop together and support each other in meaning-making among beginning writers. The Kid Writing process is the missing piece of the beginning literacy puzzle in many classrooms—it will show you how to get your students started writing from the very start of the school year! Built upon a 21st-century evidence base encompassing education, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience, Kid Writing in the 21st Century captures the best of early writing practice, infused with the best ideas and strategies. This treasure trove of children’s writing samples will raise your expectations for young writers and will bring forth many smiles! Kid Writing in the 21st Century is an indispensable companion containing a wealth of resources for kindergarten and first-grade teachers today and for generations to come. How to Get Started Sample Schedules Classroom Activities Targeted Mini-Lessons Genre and Content Writing Classroom Snapshots Rigorous Samples Reproducibles Formative and Summative Assessment Templates for Immediate Use Latest Research in Education, Cognitive Psychology, and Neuroscience and MORE! 240 pages
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After Captain Jim Holden discovers a derelict, abandoned spaceship, he unearths a secret that threatens to throw the entire solar system into war and a vast conspiracy that could mean the end of the human race.
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Charles Taylor examines the development in 'Western Christendom' of those aspects of modernity which we call secular. What he describes is not a single, continous transformation but a series of new departures, in which earlier forms of religious life have been dissolved or destabilized and new ones created.
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Charles Taylor examines the development in 'Western Christendom' of those aspects of modernity which we call secular. What he describes is not a single, continous transformation but a series of new departures, in which earlier forms of religious life have been dissolved or destabilized and new ones created.
This 288-page book contains all of the content of the regular edition, plus all-new top-secret black light pages on real parchment; a cover with leather texture and shiny metallic pieces; a magnifying glass; a tassel bookmark; and removable photos and notes. This limited edition, with only a total of one thousand numbered copies, will also include a signed note from the creator of Gravity Falls and co-writer of Journal 3, Alex Hirsch himself.
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Get ready for the biggest thriller of 2018… What did she see?It's been ten long months since Anna Fox last left her home. Ten months during which she has haunted the rooms of her old New York house like a ghost, lost in her memories, too terrified to step outside.Anna's lifeline to the real world is her window, where she sits day after day, watching her neighbours. When the Russells move in, Anna is instantly drawn to them. A picture-perfect family of three, they are an echo of the life that was once hers.But one evening, a frenzied scream rips across the silence, and Anna witnesses something no one was supposed to see. Now she must do everything she can to uncover the truth about what really happened. But even if she does, will anyone believe her? And can she even trust herself?
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While dealing with the death of his grandfather, Takao finds out where Nakamura is now living, and sets out to see her again, hoping it will help him move on with his life.
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Pages: 28 Language: English Publisher: Vertical Inc. At only 30 years of age. Shuzo Oshimi is already considered a seasoned veteran of the Japanese comics community Winner of the most important comics awards for newcomers. the Tetsuya Chiba Award in 2001. Oshimi. has been penning quirky slice-of-life dramas now for a decade for major manga publishers such as Kodansha and Futabasha. Raised in the slow laid back hills of Gunma. in mid-eastern Japan. Oshimi wished to someday escape his community for bigger pastures . Living solely off of comics and books. he is a man of words and that shows in his very humanist stories. While he has drawn nine series in the past decade. Oshimis star began to climb just recently in 2008 with the release of his first hit Drifting Net Cafe. This horror-themed homage to the legendary Kazuo Umezzu work. Drifting Classroom. was adapted into a live ac...
Heartsick and desperate to return home to America, Georgina Anderson boards the Maiden Anne disguised as a cabin boy, never dreaming she'll be forced into intimate servitude at the whim of the ship's irrepressible captain, James Mallory. The black sheep of a proud and tempestuous family, the handsome ex-pirate once swore no woman alive could entice him into matrimony. But on the high seas his resolve will be weakened by an unrestrained passion and by the high-spirited beauty whose love of freedom and adventure rivals his own.
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Book by Simmons-Henry, Linda, Edmisten, Linda Harris, Raleigh Historic Districts Commission (Raleigh, N. C.)
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Designing for Cisco Network Service Architectures (ARCH) Foundation Learning Guide , Fourth Edition Learn about the Cisco modular enterprise architecture Create highly available enterprise network designs Develop optimum Layer 3 designs Examine advanced WAN services design considerations Evaluate data center design considerations Design effective modern WAN and data center designs Develop effective migration approaches to IPv6 Design resilient IP multicast networks Create effective network security designs Designing for Cisco Network Service Architectures (ARCH) Foundation Learning Guide , Fourth Edition, is a Cisco-authorized, self-paced learning tool for CCDP foundation learning. This book provides you with the knowledge needed to perform the conceptual, intermediate, and detailed design of a network infrastructure that supports desired network solutions over intelligent network services to achieve effective performance, scalability, and availability. This book presents concepts and examples necessary to design converged enterprise networks. You learn additional aspects of modular campus design, advanced routing designs, WAN service designs, enterprise data center design, IP multicast design, and security design. Advanced and modern network infrastructure solutions, such as virtual private networks (VPN), Cisco Intelligent WAN (IWAN), and Cisco Application-Centric Infrastructure (ACI), are also covered. Chapter-ending review questions illustrate and help solidify the concep
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The Secret Lives of Fishermen is Jim Dean's second book of essays celebrating wild places, rural traditions, and the pleasures and often humorous frustrations of fishing, hunting, hiking, and camping--or, as Dean might put it, "messing around" outdoors. It combines essays originally published in his monthly "Our Natural Heritage" column in Wildlife in North Carolina with longer pieces that appeared in other magazines. These forty-six engaging essays are arranged in a loose chronicle of the sporting year, but they seldom follow predictable routes. From a whimsical story about discovering live wood ducks in a cabin stove to a poignant memoir of summers spent in a remote riverside shack, all of the pieces are bound by a conviction that our resources and time are limited and our finest memories are shared. The title notwithstanding, not all of the essays in The Secret Lives of Fishermen are about fishing, nor are readers likely to discover any shocking secrets--unless they are surprised to learn that fishermen and hunters have myriad interests and seldom measure success by the number of fish caught or game bagged.
This pack contains 1 copy of Social Psychology, Global Edition and 1 printed access card to MyLab Psychology with eText. For courses in Social Psychology Make research relevant through a storytelling approach. Social Psychology introduces the key concepts of the field through an acclaimed storytelling approach that makes research relevant to students. Drawing upon their extensive experience as researchers and teachers, Elliot Aronson, Tim Wilson, Robin Akert, and new co-author Sam Sommers present the classic studies that have driven the discipline alongside the cutting-edge research that is the future of social psychology. Pearson MyLab (TM) is the world's leading online self-study, homework, tutorial and assessment product designed with a single purpose in mind: to improve the results of all higher education students, one student at a time. Please note: The duration of access to a MyLab is set by your instructor for your specific unit of study. To access the MyLab you need a Course ID from your instructor.
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The Central Texas Region has witnessed unprecedented growth and development over the last century and there is no sign of an imminent slowdown. This growth is especially evident in Austin, which has been doubling in population every twenty years and has experienced revitalization in downtown mixed-use and residential development, cultural amenities, and public parks and open spaces. Emergent Urbanism: Evolution in Urban Form, Texas a joint Placemaking Studio, Congress for the New Urbanism, and University of Texas publication is a richly illustrated resource that tells the story of the Central Texas region, highlights current policies and up-and-coming projects, and provides balanced views on the growth, change, and prospective future of Austin. This book offers significant insight into the social, physical, and economic planning and design of Central Texas by a number of local and influential authors, including Mayor Will Wynn, a leading advocate of green building and sustainable design; Senator Kirk Watson; Fritz Steiner, Dean of the School of Architecture at the University of Texas; as well as architect, urban designer, and CNU Athena Medal award recipient, Sinclair Black, FAIA (Principal, Placemaking Studio). Proceeds from book sales will be donated to a University of Texas School of Architecture Scholarship Fund.
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Though many people think Australians simply throw another shrimp on the barbie and call this dinner, Australian chefs are in the midst of creating the most original and multicultural cuisine in the world. In Australian Food, Alan Saunders, a leading Australian food writer, assembles more than 140 recipes from 54 local chefs and other food professionals that demonstrate this. But first, Saunders defines Australian cuisine and discusses its relatively short history. His discussion includes definitions of cuisine itself and thoughts on how any cuisine originates and develops, using French and Chinese cooking, widely accepted as the world's two greatest cuisines, as models. Saunders then presents the work of Australian chefs as the vibrant fusion of indigenous ingredients prepared using French and Asian techniques, a British respect for the quality of food, and a sometimes electrifying creativity inspired by a potpourri of influences from Australia's many immigrant populations (which include Greek, Italian, Thai, Filipino, Japanese, and others). Yellow Thai Curry of Swordfish with Green Papaya, fragrant with mint and basil, shows the strong Asian influence in Australian kitchens. Poached Blue-Eye Cod, simmered in olive oil, served on a bed of French Puy lentils flavored with bacon, then bathed in a warm, sharp vinaigrette studded with diced fennel and tomato, demonstrates how Australian chefs transmute Mediterranean cuisine. Many recipes feature fish, as on
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Choreography: A Basic Approach Using Improvisation is the complete guide to understanding the entire process of choreography, from concept to stage production. Thousands of dancers and dance instructors have used the first two editions of this book to solve common challenges in choreography, improvise movement phrases, expand movements into dances, and organize dances into complete productions and concerts. This updated edition includes examples of how today's multimedia technology can be used to enhance choreography with special lighting effects, slide and PowerPoint projections, virtual dance performances, video conferencing, and motion capture. Each chapter contains movement exploration exercises, review and reflection questions, and application challenges that will help readers develop a better understanding of the choreographic concepts provided. And more than 70 high-quality photos provide a visual frame of reference and clarify key concepts. Choreography: A Basic Approach Using Improvisation bridges the theoretical and practical aspects of the choreographic process. It is an excellent reference for serious dancers, choreographers, dance instructors, and teachers who want to understand the creative process of transforming movement into dance.
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From one of the world's leading historians'a comprehensive narrative of the 3,000 years that have formed Asia's people, culture, and global destiny Tracing its origins in Mesopotamia to its modern role on the global geopolitical stage, historian Arthur Cotterell offers a compelling, lively, and readable account of one of the most culturally diverse, and often misunderstood, parts of the world. Beginning with the emergence of the world's earliest civilization in 3000 BC, Asia: A Concise History provides a fascinating look at the global convulsions'like the rise and fall of Assyria and Persia, the medieval states that flourished after the advent of Islam, and the modern transformations triggered by the lightning conquests of imperial Japan'that have shaped the continent. Covers the great events and figures of Asian history, along with a look at the monumental remains that bear witness to those times: the ziggurats of Iraq, the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, the temple of Angkor Wat Includes fascinating slices of history, including funeral arrangements for Qin Shi Huangdi in 210 BC; an extract from Lord Macartney's journal of his 1793 diplomatic mission to the Qing emperor Qian Long; and Toyotomi Hideyoshi's edict of 1587 banning firearms in Japan Features boxed inserts of special interest'like a Babylonian recipe for lamb stew circa 1500 BC Contains over 100 illustrations, maps, and photos Other books by Cotterell: The Minoan World , The First Emperor of China , The Encycl
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The town of Pullman, the brainchild of George M. Pullman, began as a small community on the far south side of Chicago. In 1879, Pullman, builder of the well-known Pullman Sleeping Car, purchased land just west of Lake Calumet and surrounding the Illinois Central Railroad, to build his model town in 1880. Pullman was the first planned model industrial town, and its center was Pullman's railroad car business. Employees lived in well-constructed housing on pleasantly landscaped streets, with all the necessary conveniences, including a bank, library, theater, post office, church, parks, and recreational facilities. In fact, Pullman was presented an award for the "World's Most Perfect Town" in 1896.
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Orkney's Italian Chapel was built by Italian POWs held on the island during the Second World War. In the sixty-five years since it was built it has become an enduring symbol of peace and hope around the world. The story of who built the chapel and how it came into existence and survived against all the odds is both fascinating and inspiring. Author Philip Paris' extensive research into the creation of the Italian Chapel has uncovered many new facts, and this comprehensive new book is the definitive account of the chapel and those who built it. It is a book that has waited to be written for sixty-five years.
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Highly Commended in the Cardiology category at the British Medical Association Book Awards 2009 This brand new title in the popular at a Glance seriescombines the science behind ECGs with how to use them to guide diagnosis and treatment. These key skills are fundamental for examination of the cardiovascular system and all medical students and specialist nurses are expected to be proficient at ECG interpretation. The at a Glance approach provides a large number of clear diagrams and example ECGs alongside concise text, putting the ECGs into a clinical context, all in easy-to-absorb double-page sections.
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Six dangerous outcasts. One impossible heist. The gripping Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom duology, by #1 New York Times-bestselling author Leigh Bardugo, is now available in a stunning hardcover boxed set. Follow Kaz and his crew into a world of magic and mayhem as they attempt to pull off―and survive―the job of a lifetime.
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Enjoy a superior collection of knitted lace patterns! Brought together for the first time, the projects of Knitted Lace represent the most intricate, beautiful, and sought-after lace pieces in the history of Interweave's knitting publications. Anne Merrow has assembled a world-class resource of eyelet scarves, delicate socks, elegant tops, and more, to inspire knitters of all skill levels. Knitted Lace offers all lace enthusiasts the broadest range of garment types, projects of all levels of dif
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This fresh portrait of Varenius presents a young German scholar, whose books on Japan (1649), the first one from a European perspective, and on General Geography (1650) were written and published in Amsterdam and led to establishing geography as a science.
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Concept Mapping in Mathematics: Research into Practice is the first comprehensive book on concept mapping in mathematics. It provides the reader with an understanding of how the meta-cognitive tool, namely, hierarchical concept maps, and the process of concept mapping can be used innovatively and strategically to improve planning, teaching, learning, and assessment at different educational levels. This collection of research articles examines the usefulness of concept maps in the educational set
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Everyone has heard of Wallis Simpson, the woman for whom Edward VIII so infamously abdicated his throne and birthright. But although her life has constantly been the subject of much fascination, gossip, and speculation, her whole story has yet to be told. Now historical biographer Andrew Morton uses diary entries, letters, and other never-before-seen records to offer a fresh portrait of Wallis Simpson in all her vibrancy and brazenness as she climbed the social ladder, transforming from a hard-nosed gold digger to charming chatelaine. Morton takes us through the cacophonous Jazz Age, a period of casual sex, cocaine, and screeching trombones; Wallis's romantic adventures in Washington and friendship with Eleanor Roosevelt; her exploits in China and beyond; to her entrance into the strange wonderland that is London Society. During her journey, we meet an extraordinary array of characters, many of whom smoothed the way for her dalliance with the king of England, Edward VIII, and we gain insights into the personality and motivations of a complex, domineering woman striving to determine her own fate in a harsh, turbulent world.
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<p> <strong>Curlews are Britain’s largest wading bird, known for their evocative calls which embody wild places; they provoke a range of emotions that many have expressed in poetry, art and music.</strong> </p><p> <em>A bird stands alone on the edge of a mudflat. Its silhouette is unmistakable. A plump body sits atop stilty legs. The long neck arcs into a small head, which tapers further into a long curved bill. The smooth, convex outlines of this curlew are alluring. They touch some ancestral liking we all have for shapes that are round and smooth.</em> </p><p>Over the last 20 years numbers in the UK have halved; the Eurasian Curlew is one of our most endangered birds. With a quarter of the world population breeding in the UK and Ireland, this is nothing short of a disaster. The curlew is showing all the signs of being the next Great Auk.</p><p>In <em>Curlew Moon</em>, Mary Colwell takes us on a 500-mile journey on foot from the west coast of Ireland to the east coast of England, to discover what is happening to this beautiful and much-loved bird. She sets off in early spring when the birds are arriving on their breeding grounds, watches them nesting in the hills of Wales and walks through England when the young are hatching. She finishes her walk on the coast of Lincolnshire when the fledglings are trying out their wings. This is also the place many curlews will return to for the winter months.</p><p>This evocative book chronicles Colwell’s impressive journey, with beautiful illustrations by Jessica Holm, weaving a gentle tale of discovery interspersed with the natural history of this iconic bird that has fascinated us for millennia – and so desperately needs our help.</p>
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A handy 3-in-1 Italian study book: grammar, verbs and vocabulary in one volume, ideal for beginners who need a clear and easy-to-understand Italian reference and revision guide. This book gives you the essential tools to help you progress quickly in your study of Italian. The grammar, verb and vocabulary sections have been designed for all those learning Italian at school, in an evening class, for work or for leisure. * Grammar: this section provides easily accessible information in an attractively presented layout. Key grammatical points are highlighted throughout the text as a means of reinforcement. Hundreds of examples of real Italian illustrate clearly the grammatical points being made. In addition, a full glossary gives clear and simple explanations of grammatical terminology. * Verbs: you will find 120 fully conjugated regular and irregular verbs in this section. Each is self contained in a double-page spread showing all the major tenses. Major constructions and idiomatic phrases are given for all verb models, as well as hundreds of examples of real Italian to show you how verbs are used in context . An index contains thousands of verbs which are cross-referred to their conjugation model. * Vocabulary: this handy section covering 50 topics (such as family, free time, careers, computing, education, food and drink, health, shopping) gives you all the vocabulary you need to communicate effectively in Italian. With its clear, user-friendly grammar, all the most important Italian verbs shown in full, and an extensive vocabulary guide, Collins Easy Learning Complete Italian gives you all the elements to start speaking and writing with confidence in Italian. Other titles available in the Collins Easy Learning Italian range are: Collins Easy Learning Italian Dictionary, Collins Easy Learning Italian Grammar, Collins Easy Learning Italian Conversation, Collins Easy Learning Italian Verbs and Collins Easy Learning Italian Vocabulary.
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Go beyond conjugation and learn the right verb tenses for speaking and writing in Italian. If you are looking for help memorizing Italian verb conjugations, then any Italian verb book will do. But if you are interested in becoming fluent, you'll need to learn how these language building blocks are used in everyday speech and writing. That's where "Practice Makes Perfect: Italian Verb Tenses" comes in. The ideal reference/workbook for beginning to intermediate Italian-language learners, "Practice Makes Perfect: Italian Verb Tenses" shows you when and why to use certain verb tenses and gives you plenty of examples, increasing your confidence in choosing the right word. "Practice Makes Perfect: Italian Verb Tenses" lets you: learn when and why to use different verb tenses; reinforce your knowledge with everyday examples covering a wide range of topics; and build your verb skills using more than 250 engaging exercises.
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Practice Makes Perfect helps you put your Italian vocabulary and grammar skills together You may have all the vocabulary down pat and every grammar point nailed--but without the skill of knowing how to put these elements together, communicating in your second language would be nearly impossible. Practice Makes Perfect: Italian Sentence Builders picks up from where other grammar books leave off, showing you the variety of structures and how to combine them to make solid sentences. And like every Practice Makes Perfect title, these books feature crystal-clear explanations, numerous realistic examples, and dozens of opportunities to practice, practice, practice
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Based on the successful approach of the Practice Makes Perfect series, Italian Pronouns and Prepositions offers a clear and engaging presentation of all aspects of pronoun and preposition usage, combined with extensive practice, for beginning and intermediate language learners. This new edition features a new review chapter that allows learners to pull together the grammar skills they've acquired. About the Book This new edition in the successful Practice Makes Perfect series, Practice Makes Perfect: Italian Pronouns and Prepositions offers a detailed examination of these two essential aspects of grammar, which language learners need to master to communicate with confidence. Learners of a foreign language often have difficulty with these areas because the usage of pronouns or prepositions rarely translates directly from English to the new language. Thus, language learners need much more practice in the areas of pronoun and preposition usage than is provided in general grammar books. This book provides clear explanations of the usage of pronouns and prepositions, followed by practical examples illustrating and clarifying each point. Extensive and varied exercises provide ample opportunity to practice. Answers to all questions are provided at the back of the book, providing immediate feedback. The new edition features a brand-new review chapter that allows learners to pull together the grammar skills they've acquired throughout the book. Key Selling Features New edition feature
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Immerse yourself in Italian readings and build your comprehension skills Using authentic texts from Italian-speaking culture, Practice Makes Perfect: Italian Reading and Comprehension enables you to enhance your vocabulary with new terms and expressions. Each unit features authentic Italian-language material--newspaper and magazine articles, websites, and more--giving you a real taste of how the language is used, as well as insights into the culture. Word lists and grammar sections specific to the readings support your learning along the way. Like all Practice Makes Perfect workbooks, you will get plenty ofpractice, practice, practice using your new skills and vocabulary. Whether you are learning on your own or taking an advanced beginning or intermediate Italian class, Practice Makes Perfect: Italian Reading and Comprehension will help you build your confidence in using your new language. Practice Makes Perfect: Italian Reading andComprehension helps you: Polish your reading and comprehension abilities withnumerous exercises Enrich your Italian vocabulary with hundreds of new words Learn about the intriguing and influential Italian-speaking culture
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Perfect for: . Manual therapists, including: o Physiotherapists o Osteopaths o Chiropractors . Undergraduate and post graduate students in: o Physiotherapy o Sports and Exercise Science o Osteopathy o Chiropractic An essential reference for the manual therapist seeking to improve patient's movement using pain-free hands-on techniques. Designed as a companion to Mulligan Concept training courses, the text is divided by: Body regions with techniques highlighting key information to assist with clinical reasoning and assessment Patient and practitioner positioning, guidelines for application and further adjustments. . Covers a range of Mulligan techniques including Mobilisation With Movement and Pain Release Phenomenon . Dictionary of annotations for techniques described . Step-by-step instructions to over 160 Mulligan techniques . Highly illustrated . Over 40 expert contributors from 15 countries . Home exercises and taping techniques also included.
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Perfect for: . Manual therapists, including: o Physiotherapists o Osteopaths o Chiropractors . Undergraduate and post graduate students in: o Physiotherapy o Sports and Exercise Science o Osteopathy o Chiropractic An essential reference for the manual therapist seeking to improve patient's movement using pain-free hands-on techniques. Designed as a companion to Mulligan Concept training courses, the text is divided by: Body regions with techniques highlighting key information to assist with clinical reasoning and assessment Patient and practitioner positioning, guidelines for application and further adjustments. . Covers a range of Mulligan techniques including Mobilisation With Movement and Pain Release Phenomenon . Dictionary of annotations for techniques described . Step-by-step instructions to over 160 Mulligan techniques . Highly illustrated . Over 40 expert contributors from 15 countries . Home exercises and taping techniques also included.
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The humanities are alive. We see the great pyramids in contemporary design, we hear Bach in hip-hop and pop music, and we feel ancient religious themes and philoso-phies in our impassioned contemporary dialogues. Experience Humanities invites students to take note of the continual evolution of ideas and cross-cultural influencesto better understand the cultural heritage of the West, and to think critically about what their legacy will be for future generations.Together with Connect Humanities, a groundbreaking digital learning solution, students not only experience their cultural heritage, but develop crucial critical reading, thinking, and writing skills that will prepare them to succeed in their humanities course and beyond.
"What is good mathematics teaching? What is mathematics teaching good for? Who is mathematics teaching for? These are just some of the questions addressed in Transforming Primary Mathematics, a highly timely new resource for teachers which accessibly sets out the key theories and latest research in primary maths today. Under-pinned by findings from the largest research programme into primary mathematics funded in recent years, it offers a clear, practical approach to implementing fundamental change in curriculum, classroom environment and teaching styles. Written by one of the top experts in mathematics education, it offers an inspiring, sometimes controversial, and often unconventional look at the subject of mathematics, by: - Endorsing the use of a 'new mathematics' - one based on problem solving, modelling and inquiry, not on abstract rules, memorising, and regurgitation - Arguing that there is more to maths teaching than 'death by a thousand worksheets' - Challenging norms, such as the practice of sorting children into sets based on their perceived mathematical ability - Asking whether this mathematical ability is innate or a result of social practices - Upholding the idea that mathematics teaching is an adaptive challenge, rather than a technical problem - Advocating an environment where teachers are encouraged to take risks - Looking at how best to prepare learners for an unknown future - Encouraging reflection on teachers' own beliefs and values about mathematics. Transforming Primary Mathematics is for all primary school teachers who want to make mathematics welcoming, engaging, inclusive and successful"--
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If you want to get a toned, strong body and graceful posture but don't have the time, find out how following this Pilates book and DVD set. Forget gyms, expensive kit, and hours of punishing fitness regimes; try these easy-to-follow 15 minute Pilates routines and get your body tip top in no time. Clear at-a-glance fold-out pages show you exactly what to do and the live action 60 minute DVD demonstrates each of the four key exercises so you can master techniques. A total fitness package - exercising at home has never been easier or quicker! It is created in collaboration with the popular boutique chain Sweaty Betty, with a foreword from its founder Tamara Hill-Norton.
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In partnership with the Dutch Reformed Translation Society, Baker Academic is proud to offer in English for the very first time all four volumes of Herman Bavinck's complete Reformed Dogmatics. This masterwork will appeal not only to scholars, students, pastors, and laity interested in Reformed theology but also to research and theological libraries.
This book takes a practical, hands-on approach to phpBB. Packed with sections stepping you through tasks, this book is the ideal guide to learning phpBB. Reference appendices make this a really comprehensive source. This book is written by phpBB enthusiasts for new and intermediate users. It's ideal if you are just starting with online communities and want a powerful and free tool, or if you've already started with phpBB and want to take it further. Anyone with a basic knowledge of HTML and a willingness to learn about phpBB will benefit from this book.
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Father and son scroll sawing team Wayne and Jacob Fowler have based every design on their own extensive photographic studies of live animals, taken on location in the wild, in zoos and in nature preserves. Each animal can be cut as a single, freestanding piece of wood. The authors include advice for beginners on getting started, with expert scrolling tips and techniques plus advice on wood preparation, blade selection, cutting strategy, finishing and display options. A full colour photo gallery will inspire you with the range of impressive wildlife projects that you can complete with this book.
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10 x 10_3 = the 100 best architects you've never heard of. That's about to change. The work shown in this volume is ambitious, inventive, and ground breaking. These are the architects to watch out for, this is the architecture shaping our cities and towns and changing the way we think about the built environment. Like its successful predecessors 10x10 (published in 2000) and 10x10_2 (published in 2005), 10x10_3 is a comprehensive overview of contemporary world architecture. This generously illustrated volume presents 100 of the world's most exceptional emerging architects, selected by 10 internationally prominent critics, architects, and curators.
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In "The Love Tarot", Liz Dean shows how this ancient system of divination can be used to explore and predict love. The card pack and colour book draw upon the traditional division of the cards at card X, The Wheel of Fortune. Choose from cards 0 to IX to divine the nature of your lover. By choosing from the higher-numbered cards you divine your past, present, or future situation. The cards present 50 ways to receive true guidance in matters of the heart. This kit includes 1 96-page paperback book and 25 cards.
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Composed of seven dark tales, A Tomb for Boris Davidovich presents variations on the theme of political and social self-destruction throughout Eastern Europe in the first half of the twentieth century. The characters in these stories are caught in a world of political hypocrisy, which ultimately leads to death, their common fate. Although the stories Kis tells are based on historical events, the beauty and precision of his prose elevates these ostensibly true stories into works of literary art that transcend the politics of their time.
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Update: Overcoming Gravity digital edition (PDF) is available in the store on the Eat Move Improve website. Additionally, Overcoming Gravity is now available on UK and European Amazons! Check your individual country's Amazon page to order. Overcoming Gravity: A Systematic Approach to Gymnastics and Bodyweight Strength is a 542 page comprehensive guide to the most overlooked, yet most powerful elements of strength training. In this book, Steven Low takes the reader on a journey through logically and systematically constructing a strength oriented bodyweight workout routine. With a highly systematic and scientific approach, Steven delves into the exercise physiology behind strength training and how to adequately prepare the body for the rigors of bodyweight training. Using the same rigor and attention to detail, Overcoming Gravity also includes recommendations for all bodyweight athletes concerning health and injury management. Unlike other books on this topic, it provides extremely comprehensive sample programming to assist in the design of a well-balanced routine, including information about the proper execution of the exercises and techniques. If you prefer your books on fitness and health to include data, science and effective recommendations, then Overcoming Gravity is an ideal addition to your library. Note: this book contains no bodyweight leg exercises, or primary gymnastics work (cartwheels, tumbling, swings, gi
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The warm and hilarious bestselling memoir by a man diagnosed with Asperger syndrome who sets out to save his marriage. At some point in nearly every marriage, a wife finds herself asking, What the @# % is wrong with my husband? In David Finch s case, this turns out to be an apt question. Five years after he married Kristen, the love of his life, they learn that he has Asperger syndrome. The diagnosis explains David s ever-growing list of quirks and compulsions, but it doesn t make him any easier to live with. Determined to change, David sets out to understand Asperger syndrome and learn to be a better husband with an endearing yet hilarious zeal. His methods for improving his marriage involve excessive note-taking, performance reviews, and most of all, the Journal of Best Practices: a collection of hundreds of maxims and hard-won epiphanies, including Don t change the radio station when she s singing along and Apologies do not count when you shout them. Over the course of two years, David transforms himself from the world s most trying husband to the husband who tries the hardest. He becomes the husband he d always meant to be. Filled with humor and surprising wisdom, "The Journal of Best Practices" is a candid story of ruthless self-improvement, a unique window into living with an autism spectrum condition, and proof that a true heart can conquer all.
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In 1886 a mysterious travelling circus becomes an international sensation. Open only at night, constructed entirely in black and white, the Cirque des R ves delights all who wander its circular paths and warm themselves at its bonfire. There are contortionists, performing cats, carousels and illusionists u all the trappings of an ordinary circus. But this is no conventional spectacle. Some tents contain clouds, some ice. The circus seems almost to cast a spell over its aficionados, who call themselves the r veurs u the dreamers. And who is the sinister man in the grey suit who watches over it all? Behind the scenes a dangerous game is being played out by two young magicians, Celia and Marco, who, at the behest of their masters, are forced to test the very limits of the imagination u and of love. A feast for the senses, a fin-de-si cle fantasia of magic and mischief, and the most original love story since The Time Traveller's Wife, The Night Circus is an extraordinary blend of fantasy and reality. It will dazzle readers young and old with its virtuoso performance, and who knows, they might not want to leave the world it creates.
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The first major DESCENDER event is here. This is what it has all been building to. The Robot Resistance rises up and tightens it's iron grip n the universe as the origins of The Harvesters are finally revealed and the galaxy is thrown into all out war! A new chapter of the Sci Fi epic begins here by superstar creators JEFF LEMIRE and DUSTIN NGUYEN Collects DESCENDER issue #22-26.
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Italian futurist Fortunato Depero's 1927 monograph Depero Futurista is universally recognized as a landmark avant-garde example of the 'book as object'. Filled with bold typographic experimentation, daring layouts and featuring work in nearly every artistic medium, it is widely known as The Bolted Book because it is famously bound together by two large industrial aluminium bolts. This new edition is the first exact copy of Depero's groundbreaking monograph produced since its original publication ninety years ago. This exact facsimile - featuring five types of paper and meticulously recreated bolts - includes a wealth of Depero's influential paintings, sculptures, textile and architectural designs, advertising work, wordplays, manifestos and reviews - any or all of which can be removed and displayed as individual pieces of art. The accompanying Reader's Guide explores the extraordinary legacy of the project, setting the book in its proper context and making it available as a source of inspiration for a new generation.
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For courses in Networking/Communications. Motivate your students with a top-down, layered approach to computer networking Unique among computer networking texts, the Seventh Edition of the popular Computer Networking: A Top Down Approach builds on the author's long tradition of teaching this complex subject through a layered approach in a "top-down manner." The text works its way from the application layer down toward the physical layer, motivating students by exposing them to important concepts early in their study of networking. Focusing on the Internet and the fundamentally important issues of networking, this text provides an excellent foundation for students in computer science and electrical engineering, without requiring extensive knowledge of programming or mathematics. The Seventh Edition has been updated to reflect the most important and exciting recent advances in networking. MasteringComputerScience(TM) not included. Students, if MasteringComputerScience is a recommended/mandatory component of the course, please ask your instructor for the correct ISBN and course ID. MasteringComputerScience should only be purchased when required by an instructor.Instructors, contact your Pearson representative for more information. MasteringComputerScience is an online homework, tutorial, and assessment program designed to work with this text to engage students and improve results. Interactive, self-paced tutorials provide individualized coaching to help students stay on track. With a wide range of activities available, students can actively learn, understand, and retain even the most difficult concepts.