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DON'T PANIC: collected together in the Hitchhiker's Guide Trilogy are the five titles that comprise Douglas Adams' wildly popular and wholly remarkable comedy science fiction series, with a special introduction from the author and bonus short story, Young Zaphod Plays It Safe. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy One Thursday lunchtime the Earth gets unexpectedly demolished to make way for a new hyperspace bypass. For Arthur Dent, who has only just had his house demolished that morning, this seems already to be rather a lot to cope with. Sadly, however, the weekend has only just begun. The Galaxy may offer a mind-boggling variety of ways to be blown up and/or insulted, but it’s very hard to get a cup of tea. The Restaurant at the End of the Universe When all questions of space, time, matter and the nature of being have been resolved, only one question remains - 'Where shall we have dinner?' The Restaurant at the End of the Universe provides the ultimate gastronomic experience, and for once there is no morning after to worry about. Life, the Universe and Everything Following a number of stunning catastrophes, Arthur Dent is surprised to find himself living in a hideously miserable cave on prehistoric Earth. However, just as he thinks that things cannot get possibly worse, they suddenly do. An eddy in the space-time continuum lands him, Ford Prefect, and their flying sofa in the middle of the cricket ground at Lord's, just two days before the world is due to be destroyed by the Vogons. Escaping the end of the world for a second time, Arthur, Ford, and their old friend Slartibartfast embark (reluctantly) on a mission to save the whole galaxy from fanatical robots. Not bad for a man in his dressing gown. So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish There is a knack to flying. The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss. It's not an easy thing to do, and Arthur Dent thinks he's the only human who's been able to master this nifty little trick - until he meets Fenchurch, the woman of his dreams. Fenchurch once realised how the world could be made a good and happy place. Unfortunately, she's forgotten. Convinced that the secret lies within God's Final Message to His Creation, they go in search of it. And, in a dramatic break with tradition, actually find it . . . Mostly Harmless Arthur Dent has settled down on the small planet Lamuella and has embraced his role as a Sandwich Maker. However, his plans for a quiet life are thrown awry by the unexpected arrival of his daughter. There's nothing worse than a frustrated teenager with a copy of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in their hands. When she runs away, Arthur goes after her determined to save her from the horrors of the universe. After all - he's encountered most of them before. This publishing phenomenon began as a radio drama and now exists in a number of wildly contradictory versions (including a TV series, a movie and a towel) - this version, produced by Douglas Adams' original publisher, is, at least, definitively inaccurate.
Principles of Economics 6th edition combines microeconomics and macroeconomics into one volume for students who take a full years course. The latest edition of this text continues to focus on important concepts and analyses necessary for students in an introductory economics course. In keeping with the authors philosophy of showing students the power of economic tools and the importance of economic ideas, this edition pays careful attention to regional and global policies and economic issues  such as climate change and resource taxation, the impacts of the ongoing global financial crisis, inflation, unemployment, interest rates, monetary and fiscal policy. Accompanied by CourseMate, comprising flashcards, graphing workshops, games, quizzes, videos. Access to Search me! referring students to the online Search me! database. Aplia is available with this text.
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This fresh portrait of Varenius presents a young German scholar, whose books on Japan (1649), the first one from a European perspective, and on General Geography (1650) were written and published in Amsterdam and led to establishing geography as a science.
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From Rome and Constantinople to the rise of the T'ang Dynasty, from the birth of Muhammad to the crowning of Charlemagne, this book tells the fascinating, violent story of kings, generals and the peoples they ruled. In her earlier work Bauer wrote of the rise of kingship based on might. But in the years between the fourth and 12th centuries, rulers had to find new justificaiton for their power, and they turned to diving truth or grace to justify political and military action.
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A beautifully packaged cookbook and highly personal culinary and cultural journey through the diverse regions of Vietnam. Join Luke Nguyen on a culinary and cultural journey through the country of his heritage to discover the people and recipes that have endeared Vietnam to the millions of travelers who visit each year. Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam follows his trip from northern Vietnam down to the south, through marketplaces and kitchens of strangers and family alike to find the best recipes Vietnam has to offer. Luke records his experiences with the people he meets and the places he visits along the way, breathing life into the classic recipes of Vietnam, from pho to banh mi and everything in between. Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam is a culinary showcase of Vietnam filled with heartwarming stories, breathtaking location shots, and mouthwatering food photography—a must-have cookbook that will be treasured for years to come.
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There are few other places on earth where flowers are so all pervasive, so varied and as sumptuous as in southwest Western Australia.  It is one of 39 special places in the world, named International Biodiversity Hotspots, where there have been explosions of evolution - veritable cauldrons of species making. Award-winning photographers Stanley and Kaisa Breeden journey into this unique landscape. ...
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Getting ready for Christmas with Clifford has never been more fun!With 30 lift-the-flaps, this new Clifford title is sure to be a Christmas treat!It's Christmas Eve on Birdwell Island, and Clifford and his friends are very, very busy. They buy Christmas presents, decorate the tree, and play in the snow before they go to bed.While Clifford is sleeping, he has a Christmas dream:"What will Santa bring for me?" he wonders.What is Clifford dreaming about? To find out, take a look under the flaps!The next day, everyone has fun opening the presents that Santa has brought.
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Two and a half millennia ago, the artifact appeared in a remote corner of space, beside a trillion-year-old dying sun from a different universe. It was a perfect black-body sphere, and it did nothing. Then it disappeared. Now it is back. 'Banks is a phenomenon ... wildly successful, fearlessly creative' William Gibson 'Thrilling, affecting and comic ... probably the finest science fiction he has written to date' New Scientist 'Banks has rewritten the libretto for the whole space-opera genre' The Times
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The Culture - a human/machine symbiotic society - has thrown up many great Game Players, and one of the greatest is Gurgeh, Jenau Morat Gurgeh. 'The Player of Games'. Master of every board, computer and strategy. Bored with success, Gurgeh travels to the Empire of Azad, cruel and incredibly wealthy, to try their fabulous game... a game so complex, so like life itself, that the winner becomes emperor. Mocked, blackmailed, almost murdered, Gurgeh accepts the game, and with it the challenge of his life-and very possibly his death.
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Your kids will be building computer games and learning code in no-time with Coding Computer Games for Kids. Kids can enter the world of programming in this illustrated guide: packed with step-by-step explanations showing kids how to build all types of games, from puzzles and racers to 3D action games. The perfect way to introduce a reluctant child to coding, Coding Computer Games for Kids shows kids how to have fun with Scratch by creating games. Simple instructions and graphics breakdown coding with Scratch so kids learn all the code they need to build, play and share their favourite games with friends.
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The first ever collection of Iain Bank's short fiction, this volume includes the acclaimed novella, 'the State of the Art'. This is a striking addition to the Culture lore, and adds definition and scale to the previous works by using the Earth of 1977 as contrast. The other stories in the collection range from science fiction to horror, dark-coated fantasy to morality tale. All bear the indefinable stamp of Iain Bank's staggering talent.
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The man known as Cheradenine Zakalwe was one of Special Circumstances' foremost agents, changing the destiny of planet to suit the Culture through intrigue, dirty tricks or military action. The woman known as Diziet Sma had plucked him from obscurity and pushed him towards his present eminence, but despite all their dealings she did not know him as well as she thought. The drone known as Skaffen-Amtiskaw knew both of these people. It had once saved the woman's life by massacring her attackers in a particularly bloody manner. It believed the man to be a burnt-out case. But not even its machine intelligence could see the horrors in his past.
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Neal Stephenson enjoys cult status among science fiction fans and techie types thanks to Snow Crash, which so completely redefined conventional notions of the high-tech future that it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. But if his cyberpunk classic was big, Cryptonomicon is huge... gargantuan... massive, not just in size (a hefty 918 pages including appendices) but in scope and appeal. It's the hip, readable heir to Gravity's Rainbow and the Illuminatus trilogy. And it's only the first of a proposed series--for more information, read our interview with Stephenson. Cryptonomicon zooms all over the world, careening conspiratorially back and forth between two time periods--World War II and the present. Our 1940s heroes are the brilliant mathematician Lawrence Waterhouse, cryptanalyst extraordinaire, and gung ho, morphine-addicted marine Bobby Shaftoe. They're part of Detachment 2702, an Allied group trying to break Axis communication codes while simultaneously preventing the enemy from figuring out that their codes have been broken. Their job boils down to layer upon layer of deception. Dr. Alan Turing is also a member of 2702, and he explains the unit's strange workings to Waterhouse. "When we want to sink a convoy, we send out an observation plane first.... Of course, to observe is not its real duty--we already know exactly where the convoy is. Its real duty is to be observed.... Then, when we come round and sink them, the Ge
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From miniature chateaus to modernist boxes, from anthropomorphic abodes to classical temples, this book showcases nearly fifty one-of-a-kind doggy domiciles from across America. In Barkitecture, architecture and design writer Fred Albert has collected some of the most wonderful and fantastic doghouses ever created. Examples include doghouses with clock towers and thatch roofs, doghouses shaped like TV sets, and even some that look like dogs. The book begins with an introduction that includes an entertaining history of the doghouse, accompanied by photos and drawings of noteworthy historical examples. Four Chapters follow: "Putting on the Dog" highlights stylish period reproductions; "Modern Barkitecture" includes cutting-edge "Bowhouse" designs; "A Breed Apart" features houses inspired by everyday objects; and the final chapter, "Puppourri," showcases wacky, one-of-a-kind structures that defy categorization. Each house is illustrated by one or two color images and is accompanied by a witty, tounge-in-jowl text that describes the structures design and building materials, the creators inspirations, and their dogs reactions.


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'Fetch!' and 'Sit!' and 'Stay!' I understand them all. Those are the words I know. But what is 'Fred'?Fred the dog may not know his name yet or how to stay out of trouble but one little boy will love him no matter what.A follow-up to I Will Love You Anyway, this touching rhyming story is full of friendship and tail wagging and will touch a chord with all children who love pets.Praise for Mick Inkpen:'You simply cannot fail to win smiles with a new book about Kipper.' Daily Mail'The charmingly comical Inkpen, as always, hits the spot.' GuardianPraise for Zoe and Beans:'These books will become well-loved members of any child's book collection.' CarouselFor activities, competitions and other fun stuff check out
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'My life has been a mad travelling show, meeting some of the strangest and greatest people who've ever lived.  I've had my fair share of trouble and I'm lucky to be here. But I've always been a showman and I've done my best to preserve a precious part of an old Australia that's fast disappearing.'  Son of a sideshow operator and trapeze artist, fourth-generation showman Fred Brophy grew up on the road, travelling the length and breadth of Australia. He did time in jail as a wild teenager before establishing his own successful boxing tent. It has become a star attraction in the Outback and is now the only one of its kind in the world.  Fred tells stories of living on the smell of an oily rag, rescuing battlers, and becoming embroiled in some of the most bizarre adventures imaginable. This is one helluva life, full of hardship, hilarity and unexpected turns, including Fred being inducted into the Queensland Boxing Hall of Fame and receiving a Medal of the Order of Australia.  'Now ladies and gentlemen, let's go inside. The show's about to begin . . .' 'One of the wildest, funniest, most extraordinary Australian autobiographies you could ever squeeze into 300 pages.' R.M. Williams Outback Magazine

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The perennially bestselling, "nothing short of spectacular" ( Entertainment Weekly ) memoir from one of the world's most gifted storytellerssoon to be a major motion picture starring Oscar winner Brie Larson, Woody Harrelson, and Naomi Watts. The Glass Castle is a remarkable memoir of resilience and redemption, and a revelatory look into a family at once deeply dysfunctional and uniquely vibrant. When sober, Jeannette's brilliant and charismatic father captured his children's imagination, teaching them physics, geology, and how to embrace life fearlessly. But when he drank, he was dishonest and destructive. Her mother was a free spirit who abhorred the idea of domesticity and didn't want the responsibility of raising a family. The Walls children learned to take care of themselves. They fed, clothed, and protected one another and eventually found their way to New York. Their parents followed them, choosing to be homeless even as their children prospered. The Glass Castle is truly astonishinga beloved memoir that has lived on the bestseller list for more than six years.
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Revising the standard narrative of European-Indian relations in America, Juliana Barr reconstructs a world in which Indians were the dominant power and Europeans were the ones forced to accommodate, resist, and persevere. She demonstrates that between the 1690s and 1780s, Indian peoples including Caddos, Apaches, Payayas, Karankawas, Wichitas, and Comanches formed relationships with Spaniards in Texas that refuted European claims of imperial control.Barr argues that Indians not only retained control over their territories but also imposed control over Spaniards. Instead of being defined in racial terms, as was often the case with European constructions of power, diplomatic relations between the Indians and Spaniards in the region were dictated by Indian expressions of power, grounded in gendered terms of kinship. By examining six realms of encounter--first contact, settlement and intermarriage, mission life, warfare, diplomacy, and captivity--Barr shows that native categories of gender provided the political structure of Indian-Spanish relations by defining people's identity, status, and obligations vis-a-vis others. Because native systems of kin-based social and political order predominated, argues Barr, Indian concepts of gender cut across European perceptions of racial difference.
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Combining your body s Paleolithic needs with modern nutritional and medical research for complete mind-body wellness Provides sustainable diet strategies to curb sugar cravings, promote fat burning and weight loss, reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep and moods, increase energy and immunity, and enhance memory and brain function Shows how our modern diet leads to weight gain and diseases of civilization --such as cancer, osteoporosis, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, and ADD Explains how diet affects the brain, hormone balance, and the aging process and the crucial role of vitamin D in cancer and disease prevention Examining the healthy lives of our pre-agricultural Paleolithic ancestors and the marked decline in stature, bone density, and dental health and the increase in birth defects, malnutrition, and disease following the implementation of the agricultural lifestyle, Nora Gedgaudas shows how our modern grain- and carbohydrate-heavy low-fat diets are a far cry from the high-fat, moderate-protein hunter-gatherer diets we are genetically programmed for, leading not only to lifelong weight gain but also to cravings, mood disorders, cognitive problems, and diseases of civilization --such as cancer, osteoporosis, metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance), heart disease, and mental illness. Applying modern discoveries to the basic hunter-gatherer diet, she culls from vast research in evolutionary physiology, biochemistry, metabolism, nutrition, and chronic and degenerative
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If you have ever wondered about how hermits live, or if you are an active participant in the eremitical life, then it's time to make this ultimate resource guide part of your book collection. Written by the editors of Raven's Bread, an international quarterly newsletter that provides guidance on hermit life, "Consider the Ravens" is a seminal study on eremitism as it has developed since the 1950s. Learn about All aspects of the vocation, including spiritual, practical, and juridical Hazards of the hidden life Practical recommendations for beginners in eremitical life Extensive citations from desert fathers and mothers Exploration of eremitical spirituality. Essentially, you'll learn about the eremitic life straight from the hermits themselves, and it's never an easy task to get their opinions and advice The voices of many of today's hermits can now be heard loud and clear for the first time. Find the answers to your questions about a vocation as old as spirituality itself and discover why eremitism is becoming more popular than ever in "Consider the Ravens.
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Blending sage advice with personal experiences and anecdotes, this unconventional book is an unusually thoughtful account of long-distance trekking on the Appalachian Trail. Mueser draws upon interviews and questionnaire data gathered from over 100 long distance hikers hoofing it through the Applachian Mountains.
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This is a guide to the use of herbs, salves, poultices, teas, roots, sacred ceremonies, rituals and objects which have been used by Native American tribes for millennia.
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With these handy paperback reference guides, illustrated throughout with black-and-white line drawings, nature watchers know what to look for and how to interpret what they see. Whether carried into the field or consulted at home, these books provide readers with fascinating facts and insights into the behavior of birds and wildlife. With more than 3 million copies of their books sold to date, Donald and Lillian Stokes are increasingly recognized and celebrated as America's preeminent authorities on nature and birding.
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Vaccine: The Controversial Story of Medicine's Greatest Lifesaver
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It's winter break at St. Vladimir's, but Rose is feeling anything but festive. Rose loves Dimitri, Dimitri might love Tasha, and Mason would die to be with Rose? The Strigoi are closing in, and the Academy's not taking any risks. This year, St. Vlad's annual holiday ski trip is mandatory. But the glittering winter landscape and the posh Idaho resort only create the illusion of safety. When three friends run away in an offensive move against the deadly Strigoi, Rose must join forces with Christian to rescue them. But heroism rarely comes without a price?
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Years ago, when House of Leaves was first being passed around, it was nothing more than a badly bundled heap of paper, parts of which would occasionally surface on the Internet. No one could have anticipated the small but devoted following this terrifying story would soon command. Starting with an odd assortment of marginalized youth -- musicians, tattoo artists, programmers, strippers, environmentalists, and adrenaline junkies -- the book eventually made its way into the hands of older generations, who not only found themselves in those strangely arranged pages but also discovered a way back into the lives of their estranged children. Now, for the first time, this astonishing novel is made available in book form, complete with the original colored words, vertical footnotes, and newly added second and third appendices. The story remains unchanged, focusing on a young family that moves into a small home on Ash Tree Lane where they discover something is terribly wrong: their house is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. Of course, neither Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Will Navidson nor his companion Karen Green was prepared to face the consequences of that impossibility, until the day their two little children wandered off and their voices eerily began to return another story -- of creature darkness, of an ever-growing abyss behind a closet door, and of that unholy growl which soon enough would tear through their walls and consume all their dreams.
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Learning the Tarot is a complete course on how to use the tarot cards for personal guidance. The 19 lessons in the course cover the basics and then move gradually into more advanced concepts. Exercises and sample responses for each lesson help you learn and practice. For simplicity, only one easy layout is used throughout the course - the Celtic Cross Spread. Learning the Tarot focuses in detail on the actual process of discovering meaning in the cards. Lessons cover topics such as how to consider one card by itself, how to look for card pairs, and how to create the "story" of a reading. A convenient reference section contains two pages of information for each card including a picture from the popular Waite deck, a description, keywords, action phrases and suggestions for cards with similar and opposite meanings.
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No sooner has Batman's former sidekick, Jason Todd, put his past as the Red Hood behind him than he finds himself cornered by a pair of modern day outlaws: Green Arrow's rejected sidekick Arsenal, the damaged soldier of fortune, and the alien Starfire, a former prisoner of intergalactic war who won't be chained again. As a loner, Jason has absolutely no interest in this motley crew of outlaws. So what's he going to do when they choose the Red Hood as their leader?
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The identification of the eggs and tadpoles of Australian frogs has been a study waiting to happen for a very long time. Marion Anstis began the process of addressing this with her first book Tadpoles of South eastern Australia: a guide with keys. Now, with Tadpoles and Frogs of Australia, for the first time we have the complete life histories of virtually the entire frog fauna of the Australian continent, which will become a lasting contribution to frog conservation.
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'I swear by the stars that you and the others slain tonight will be the first of many. Of that you have my word.' With Aven Dalmarta now hiding in the shadows of Meya, Alex is desperate to save Jordan and keep the Rebel Prince from taking more lives. Training day and night to master the enhanced immortal blood in her veins, Alex undertakes a dangerous Meyarin warrior trial that separates her from those she loves and leaves her stranded in a place where nothing is as it should be. As friends become enemies and enemies become friends, Alex must decide who to trust as powerful new allies-and adversaries-push her towards a future of either light... or darkness. One way or another, the world will change...
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Jason Todd, ex-Robin and currently the Red Hood, has teamed with Bizarro (Superman's clone gone wrong) and Artemis (the exiled Amazon Warrior) form the Dark Trinity of the DC Universe and one of comics most dangerous teams, starring in RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS VOL. 2! With the dangerous Black Mask defeated, the Outlaws gear up for their journey to Bana-Mighdall and shocking secrets from Artemis' past come to light! Who is this mysterious Amazon warrior? What is her relation to Wonder Woman? And what makes her quest for the Bow of Ra so personal? Answers to all this and more are revealed in a thrilling new adventure with your favorite band of misfits! Scott Lobdell continues his years-long run on the title along with rising-star artist Dexter Soy in RED HOOD THE OUTLAWS VOL. 2, as a part of DC Rebirth! Collects issues #7-12.
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A part of DC Universe: Rebirth! Jason Todd, a.k.a. Red Hood has been many things—a Robin, dead, the Red Hood—now he's back and he's embracing his bad side! With his new status as a villain, Red Hood plans to take down Gotham's underworld from the inside. Joined by a fallen Amazon named Artemis and a half-baked Superman clone named Bizarro, this dark trinity will soon discover that the line between hero and villain is harder to discern than they might think. Collects RED HOOD & THE OUTLAWS #1-6. Rebirth honors the richest history in comics, while continuing to look towards the future. These are the most innovative and modern stories featuring the world's greatest superheroes, told by some of the finest storytellers in the business. Honoring the past, protecting our present and looking towards the future. This is the next chapter in the ongoing saga of the DC Universe. The legacy continues. Meet the Author Scott Lobdell is a veteran of the comic book industry, having worked with nearly every major American comic book publisher. Lobdell is best known for his work on Marvel's X-Men franchise in the 1990s, penning such works as UNCANNY X-MEN, EXCALIBUR, THE AGE OF THE APOCALYPSE, GENERATION, amongst others. He is currently the writer of DOOMED and RED HOOD/ARSENAL.
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Superboy (aka Jonathan Kent) and Robin (aka Damian Wayne) make their super hero duo debut in this all-new series SUPER SONS, part of DC Rebirth. This debut series looks at the lives of Robin and Superboy and their destiny to follow in their fathers' footsteps, while we meet a new villain whose ascension parallels the boys' own understanding of their powers-except that he believes it's his right to rule over every being on the planet! Collects SUPER SONS #1-6.
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After the huge success of Martin HM Schreiber's Madonna Nudes in the 1990s the new edition Madonna Nudes II features many recently discovered and never-before published photos of Madonna, along with a selection of the best images published in Madonna Nudes 1979 edition. This book is a perfect gift not only for Madonna fans, but for lovers of photography too.
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Thus begins market-leading author David Myers' discussion of developmental psychology in Unit 9 of his new Myers' Psychology for AP(R) Second Edition. With an undeniable gift for writing, Dr. Myers will lead your students on a guided tour of psychological science and poignant personal stories. Dr. Myers teaches, illuminates, and inspires. Four years ago, we published this ground-breaking text which is correlated directly to the AP(R) course. Today, we build on that innovation and proudly introduce the 2nd AP(R) Edition. Whether you are new to AP(R) Psychology or have many years under your belt, this uniquely AP(R) book program can help you achieve more.
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When you play the Game of Thrones Monopoly, you win or you die...Wait! It’s not as serious as death but you will have to pay up, as the number 1 property board game meets the hit TV series Game of Thrones! Game of Thrones fans, brace yourselves, Winter is coming and so is the Game of Thrones Monopoly Collector’s Edition! Mr. Monopoly definitely took a wrong turn at Old Kent Road and ended up in Westeros. Get your friends and family together and join him in the world of Game of Thrones to see who will rule the Seven Kingdoms and sit on the Iron Throne. Each property square and title deed card contains a beautiful artwork from Game of Thrones and the center of the board has a stunning map of Westeros itself. This amazing Collector’s Edition allows players to invest in some of the most popular locations from the show, such as King’s Landing, Winterfell and Braavos. Traditional Houses and Hotels are transformed into custom Villages and Keeps. The standard chance cards and community chests are replaced by "Valar Morghulis" cards and "The Iron Throne" cards. Position yourself around the board with the six Game of Thrones themed collectible tokens. These oversized, hand sculpted tokens, elegantly cast in zinc includes: a Crown, Direwolf, Dragon Egg, The Iron Throne, Three-Eyed Raven and White Walker. The Monopoly money features detailed sigils of each Game of Thrones houses including Lannister, Stark, Targaryen, and Baratheon. The Game of Thrones Monopoly Collector’s Edition also contains special art covers within the inside of the box and a custom tray holds each game piece. Find all of the classic rules on the elegant, rolled scroll secured with a ribbon. This is truly a must have piece of merchandise for any Game of Thrones fanatic out there! However please do remember, killing the other players won't make you win the game any faster. Perfect for playing with 2 to 6 players. Game of Thrones Monopoly Collector's Edition Box Contains: • Game of Thrones style game board • 6 x Oversized Collectable tokens • 28 x Title deed cards • 16 x Valar Morghulis cards (Chance Cards) • 16 x Iron Throne cards (Community Chests) • 2 x Dice • 32 x Villages (houses) • 12 x Keeps (Hotels) • 1 x Pack of custom Game of Thrones money • 1 x Game rules Warning: Choking Hazard - Small Parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years old.
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Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics: An Exegetical Syntax of the New Testament with Scripture, Subject, and Greek Word Indexes
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Fiction. The Trilogy has always been considered the central work of Samuel Beckett's fiction (winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, 1969), the three novels that have been most admired and have received the greatest amount of critical comment, just as Waiting for Godot written in the same period of concentrated creativity between 1947 and 1949, is central to Beckett's drama. "Beckett's oeuvre towers above that of most of his peers, as of his forebears and followers, because it's such a model of integrity: the beauty that is truth" -- Michail Howowitz.
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As a leading introductory women & #39s and gender studies reader, Shaw and Lee & #39s Women & #39s Voices, Feminist Visions offers an excellent balance of classic, conceptual, and experiential selections including new contemporary readings. This student-friendly text provides short and accessible readings reflecting the diversity of women & #39s experiences. With each new edition, the authors keep the framework essays and selections of readings fresh and interesting for students.
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With courtesy and restraint Professor Woodbridge administers a series of knock-out blows to the confidently voiced claim that factual inerrancy is no authentic element in the historic Christian view of Scripture.
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In the Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible, knitting guru Hitomi Shida shares some of her favourite needlework patterns. Shida's strikingly original designs and variations on every imaginable classic stitch result in intricate patterns that form the basis for beautiful and unique knitted fashions. This is the perfect book for the experienced knitter who is looking for new stitches that yield spectacular results. This Japanese knitting book features a wide range of rewarding and intricate stitches including: cables, popcorn stitches, twisted stitches, edgings, and many more. A set of detailed, step-by-step diagrams show you how to execute all the basic stitches. Instructions and diagrams for a series of small projects offer practice working with large patterns, lacy patterns, pattern arrangement, and round yokes among other things. Knitting projects include: a classic hat made using large pattern, an elegant scarf in lacy patterns, the ever-popular fingerless mittens, thick socks that can be made using various patterns, a feminine collar using round stitching, and much more. This Japanese stitch dictionary represents a whole new adventure for knitters and is sure to become a valued reference for experienced knitters and beginners alike.
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Pearson Nurse s Drug Guide 2017 is ideal for courses in nursing curricula covering drugs and/or drug administration. It also serves as a useful reference for nursing professionals. The information nurses need for safe, effective drug administration in any setting The new 2017 edition of the Pearson Nurse s Drug Guide provides safe, effective, current, and accurate drug information in a quickly accessible format. Comprehensive and complete, it lists all drugs alphabetically by generic names for quick reference, with an index listing both generic and trade names. It presents important clinical information for hundreds of drugs, with adverse reactions, interactions, side effects, and impacts on lab results.
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Kari Blodig, who started the 4000 meter peak quest with his book is 1829, had identified 81 summits. However there were inconsistencies in the Blodig list. In 1994, a UIAA committee arbitrated on the obvious anomalies (some great multi-peak massifs had only their highest points noted, while other groups had every significant summit accredited). By using adjoining col depth as a guideline, the UIAA process settled on a new tally of 88 peaks. These not only took in the obvious heights of big peaks like Liskamm, Breithorn, Grand Combin, and Grandes Jonasses, but also drew attention to a number of proud individual rock gendarmes on the ridges of the higher peaks. In this second edition of his guide, Richard Goedeke has incorporated all the UIAA promoted peaks. In addition, he has noted seven extra summits that merit accreditation based on the new guidelines, and discusses the status of those listed that barely meet the criteria but are noted for other reasons. As some of the new peaks are easily reached in the process of other expeditions, their inclusion is largely academic. Other newly acclaimed summits bring an extra dimension to the 4000m list. The Grand Gendarme of the Weisshom, the Aiguilles du Diables on Mont Blanc du Tacul and the western summits of the Grandes Jorasses introduce new expeditions of considerable challenge to the 4000m odyssey.
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This book is for everyone using Cerner's Discern Visual Developer to create queries and reports. The book focuses on learning and using Layout Builder. The book is geared for people new to databases, queries and report building as well as seasoned developers. Version 2008.01 of Discern Visual Developer is used for all examples and explanations. Prompt Builder, Query Builder, and detailed report layout creation are all covered in this book. The book is full of examples as well as pitfalls to avoid.
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Our understanding of schizophrenia has advanced considerably over the last 10 years, particularly with regard to neurobiological and psychological factors. This book brings together disparate literature into an accessible resource.
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At the 500th anniversary of the Wittenberg Reformation, two highly regarded scholars compare and contrast the history and theological positions of the Reformed and Lutheran traditions. The authors tackle nine theological topics significant for the life of the church that remain a source of division between the two traditions. The book helps readers evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the Reformed and Lutheran approaches to presenting the biblical message and invites honest, irenic, and open dialogue within the Protestant family.


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Have you ever wanted Christmas to be different? Turkey and carols, presents and crackers - they all start to feel a bit . . . samey. How about a huge exploding mince pie, a pet abominable snowman, or a very helpful partridge in a pear tree? What if Father Christmas went to work at a zoo, or caused chaos in a toy store or, was even, arrested for burglary!? Dive into the fantastically funny world of Terry Pratchett, for a festive treat like no other. These ten stories will have you laughing, gasping and crying (with laughter) - you'll never see Christmas in the same way again. 'Funny, action-packed . . . a rip-roaring read' The Sun
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Paul Kidby, Sir Terry Pratchett's artist of choice, provided the illustrations for The Last Hero, designed the covers for the Discworld novels since 2002 and is the author of the bestseller The Art Of Discworld. Now, Paul Kidby has collected the very best of his Discworld illustrations in this definitive volume, including 40 pieces never before seen, 30 pieces that have only appeared in foreign editions, limited editions and BCA editions, and 17 book cover illustrations since 2004 that have never been seen without cover text. If Terry Pratchett's pen gave his characters life, Paul Kidby's brush allowed them to live it, and nowhere is that better illustrated than in this magnificent book.
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Paul Kidby, Sir Terry Pratchett's artist of choice, provided the illustrations for The Last Hero, designed the covers for the Discworld novels since 2002 and is the author of the bestseller The Art Of Discworld. Now, Paul Kidby has collected the very best of his Discworld illustrations in this definitive volume, including 40 pieces never before seen, 30 pieces that have only appeared in foreign editions, limited editions and BCA editions, and 17 book cover illustrations since 2004 that have never been seen without cover text. If Terry Pratchett's pen gave his characters life, Paul Kidby's brush allowed them to live it, and nowhere is that better illustrated than in this magnificent Special Edition, which will feature a variant cover, a new piece of art produced exclusively for this version and signed by Paul Kidby, metallic page edging, a marker ribbon and a specially-designed slipcase.
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A deluxe, slipcase edition of Dragons at Crumbling Castle, complete with critical commentary, bonus stories and a beautiful limited-edition print. This never-before-published collection of fourteen funny and inventive tales by acclaimed author Sir Terry Pratchett features a memorable cast of inept wizards, sensible heroes, and unusually adventuresome tortoises.Including more than one hundred black-and-white illustrations, the appealingly designed book celebrates Pratchett's inimitable wordplay and irreverent approach to the conventions of storytelling. These accessible and mischievous tales are an ideal introduction for young readers to this beloved author. Established fans of Pratchett's work will savor the playful presentation of the themes and ideas that inform his best-selling novels.
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Paul Kidby, Sir Terry Pratchett's artist of choice, provided the illustrations for The Last Hero, designed the covers for the Discworld novels since 2002 and is the author of the bestseller The Art Of Discworld. Now, Paul Kidby has collected the very best of his Discworld illustrations in this definitive volume, including 40 pieces never before seen, 30 pieces that have only appeared in foreign editions, limited editions and BCA editions, and 17 book cover illustrations since 2004 that have never been seen without cover text. If Terry Pratchett's pen gave his characters life, Paul Kidby's brush allowed them to live it, and nowhere is that better illustrated than in this magnificent book.
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I don't do 'sit!'I don't do 'stay!'But I will love you anyway.From the celebrated creators of Kipper, Wibbly Pig, and Zoe and Beans comes a picture book to treasure. Dog is very badly behaved - he destroys everything, chases cars and won't stop running away! But when he finds himself lost and alone there is one person he can count on.Praise for Mick Inkpen:'You simply cannot fail to win smiles with a new book about Kipper.' Daily Mail'The charmingly comical Inkpen, as always, hits the spot.' GuardianPraise for Zoe and Beans:'These books will become well-loved members of any child's book collection.' CarouselFor activities, competitions and other fun stuff check out
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Brand new and fully updated for the latest versions of MetaTrader 4, Expert Advisor Programming for MetaTrader 4 is a practical guide to programming expert advisors in the MQL4 language.